Mischpoke / Uma Chine

MISCHPOKE präsentiert
UMA CHINE (Belgien)

Uma Chine (BE) is Nele De Gussem’s main project. She gathered some of the best musicians of the Ghent jazz- and pop scene to form a band that combines roots and electronic music - confronting the hUman with the maChine.
“Angelo Badalamenti (Twin Peaks) on a diet of electric guitars and ethereal women’s voices” - De Standaard
"Tempting and exciting at the same time" - Damusic
"A pure pop pearl that triggers your fantasy" - Turn Up The Volume
Nele De Gussem studied guitar with an emphasis on contemporary experiment and played in bands like Maya’s Moving Castle, Future Old People Are Wizards, currently BRNS, focussing more and more on synthesizers.
In Uma Chine she combines these influences, carried out by the sisterly timbres of Rana and Sherien Holail Mohamed’s voices and musicians Simon Raman (drums), Nils Vermeulen (bass) and Gilles Vandecaveye-Pinoy (synth).
Uma Chine started playing in 2017. They soon supported Mauro Pawlowski and were invited to play the main stage of Gentse Feesten. In spring 2018 Uma Chine was featured at the renowned Kraakpand Festival (Handelsbeurs, Ghent) and is currently releasing its first single, “Screens”.
A first full album will be out on Starman Records in february 2019.